Thursday, January 22, 2015

Day Two.......

Bronchitis - not a great way to wake up, walk, lie down or sleep.  But it is curable and for this I am grateful.

Yesterday was the antithesis of a happy Blue Duck Day - or was it?

Amid the waiting at the doctor's office, two trips to two different pharmacies to pick up prescriptions and a zoom through the grocery store to stock up on soup and gingerale plus my favorite comfort cookie treats I met more nice folks (who were also waiting) and received helpful info from both pharmacists, as well healing wishes from the couple of neighbors I bumped into while I was toting purchases from the car to my front door.

That's the secret, making every day a Blue Duck Day in some small way.  Not to put a Pollyanna spin on everything, just look for those silver linings and be grateful......

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