Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Work in Progress!

A trip to a nifty thrifty/antique store last week gave me the idea for this blog title and its contents.

Sitting on a shelf in the store was a ceramic duck resplendent in a cobalt blue glaze.  Immediately I thought, "what a great name for a restaurant that would be." - the blue duck - well, a restaurant with that name isn't gonna happen, at least not through my efforts, but the idea rolled and rolled around in my mind.

As a casual observer of the passing scene (hope I'm not treading on the toes of a column by that name that appeared in the New Yorker magazine years ago) it occurred to me that we all have blue duck days.  Days when a chance meeting or view of an object or scene sparks a train of thought that fizzes in our minds like Champagne.   Surprise happenings that are not only serendipitous in the sense of coincidence, but which send our thoughts in an entirely new direction.  Hence, from now on, I'm going to be on heightened alert for blue duck days.

The antique shop is an hour away from where I live and I need to get back to the town, find the shop, buy the duck (or at least take a photo of it!) so I can have a ready reminder of my intention.  A talisman. an inspirational icon.  Be patient, I'll get there!

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  1. Blue Duck Days, the name of your blog, is what made me want to check it out. I love birds and love the positive story too. Not to mention antique shops : )