Saturday, May 2, 2015

More Postcards!!!

Following the hosted postcard swaps described and photographed in previous posts, I'm also side-swapping with several of the folks I "met" through those swaps.

Here's a beauty from photographer Louise Mamet - on the back of the postcard she tells about this ship "graveyard" - sad that the fishing industry in her part of coastal France is so diminished that theses ships and others like them are put out to pasture so to speak (how's that for a really mixed metaphor!!)

And from PraisePatchProductions in New York comes this absolute beauty.  
"S" is for Susan, silver, super, and shiny buttons.....

So, is postcards swapping taking over my life??  Far from complaining, anything that gets me to my art table every day and puts happy surprise mail in my mailbox is a good thing, so I'll stick with this current hobby awhile and see where it leads.......

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  1. How nice of you, Susan to show my postcard. I love the place these ships are located even if the reason is somewhat sad... Thanks a lot. Am really glad to have "met" you through this postcard side-swap and look forward to keeping contact with you! Have a wonderful weekend. xo