Thursday, April 23, 2015

Post Cards!!!

And more postcards.....

Received the following two on Tuesday.  The first one from a friend, Chris in California, and the second from a new swap pal, Nancy in Orlando.  I love them both!  Thanks, ladies....

 This one from Chris is a fabulous Birthday card.  A nice did she know?  We've never met, but have a friend in common so the date got shared.

And this card from Nancy is a compendium of some of her favorite things - click on the photo for a closer look to see all the goodies she loves.

This third card arrived yesterday and is from my dear friend, Lois, who also lives in California.  We can't spend time together any longer since she moved, but we're keeping the USPS in business!  Lois has been experimenting with a super thick embossing powder, and I think she's definitely mastered the technique, don't you?  It's gorgeous!

With postcards flying back and forth across not only the content but the Atlantic ocean, I decided I'd better get busy and make a few of my own to send out.  Sometimes I have a short stack ready to go, but various swaps have used up that little stash.  It's no hardship, however, to head to my art table and play for an afternoon!

This one will be going to Chris in California

 This one to Nancy in Orlando

 This one to a gal in New York I "owe" a card to... (the fun at heart/art card from a couple of posts ago)

 And finally, one to Dave in  Delaware.  He sends me one of his photos from time to time.  I haven't included his photo here because I'm not sure how he feels about copyright issues, but you can find more of  Dave's photos HERE.

Added news April 24.  Dave says to go ahead and post photos of his postcards so here's the most recent one I've received.  A little house made from a train car!!  Forgive if my photo of Dave's photo isn't perfect.....

Dave is a fine photographer, while I just play around with my point and shoot, but still, I like the moody appeal of this dawn scene I photographed on Anna Maria Island.

Still need to get a couple more cards made and in the mail, so as the old cartoon used to say, "'s all folks......." until next time.

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  1. I love your postcards! Feel free to post photos of my cards when you get them. It's a thrill to know folks like them !