Thursday, April 2, 2015

Liberate Your Art #4

Kris from Texas took this wonderful photo for the LYA swap.  I'm a country girl at heart and lived on a farm in Oklahoma for several years, so this rusted pipe with it's spider webs brought back some nice memories!!  I really like the soft colors in the shot and the way the grasses are all misty while the pipe is sharp and in total focus.

In the swap instructions, it was suggested that we photograph the cards we receive in a home setting so folks can see where their cards landed.  The first post about the cards shows the card with one of my cats, but you can barely see the card.  I'm preferring to just take a photo of the cards themselves so everyone can see them.

Scroll on past the photo of Kris' card to see a photo of "home" in Florida.

                               (Please click to enlarge so you don't miss the beautiful spider webs!)

and "home"..... where the LYA cards have ended up ;-)

Two more cards to go - one from the swap itself (remember we shared five) and one from the hosts, Kat Sloma.  And don't miss the slideshow in a couple of weeks as well as a clever blog hop.  Hope everyone participates!

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