Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Final Reveal!!

In the continuing "saga" of the recent Liberate Your Art postcard swap, we were asked by the hostess, Kat, to create a post about our experience with the swap.  She has put together a blog hop - a virtual visit of the postcards we swapped and any additional info we may have garnered from the exchange.

She also sent each of the participants one of her own cards as a thank you. You'll see it soon ;-}

Anyway..... I've enjoyed the swap - received some interesting cards - more photos than I'd thought -but photos, altered or not, are art too!

I sent an email 'thank you' to each of the five fine folks whose cards I received, but have only heard from two of the folks who got my cards.  Did those missing three cards get lost in the mail?????  Or did the recipients just hate my art???

If Kat does this again next year, I'll be happy to participate.  I think she's amazingly organized even to contemplate such a wide-ranging exchange, much less actually to follow through and complete such a swap.  Let's hear it for KAT!!!!!

If you'll scroll back through previous posts, you can see an individual photo of each card but here's one of all five together.

Please click on image to view larger

 And finally...... Kat Sloma's own photo card - I love it!!  Her style is dreamy yet the images are precise in detail - a winning combo in my book.

Click to view larger image


  1. You received nice and colorful postcards, Susan! Am really amazed by the talents of the participants... I who don't have any skill for drawing nor painting! Only my eye through my camera's lens. Enjoy your day! xo

  2. Lovely to see the cards you received and cool that you have the blog hop list at the bottom of your post too. I must confess I thought there might be more connecting with whoever got each other's cards. I posted each one as it arrived on the FB group. It would be fun to see where my cards landed too.

  3. Lovely post about the swap, it was great fun !

  4. Don't be discouraged about not hearing where your cards landed. The first year I participate, I didn' t hear from anyone! Each year the response has gotten better and I helped by putting more info on my card. I thought the FB group was pretty good this year, too. I always enjoy seeing what arrives in my post. I do love mail call!

  5. Love your collection. I have not heard where all of mine landed either. Hope you dind yours :)

  6. Fun to see the cards you received! This was my first year and I'm hoping to participate again, it was so cool. Thanks for visiting my blog! Maybe I'll "see" you again next year?

  7. So happy to have participated in the Swap this year and so wonderful to see what you received. See you text time!